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Parol® in suspension differs from other brands of paracetamol due to the concentration of paracetamol. In Parol® this concentration is 250 mg paracetamol per 5 ml (50 mg/ml) which is double compared to most competitors.

Parol® tablets are also available in 500 mg tablets – boxes of 30 tablets.

Parol® in suspension is well indicated for children but can also be used by adults.

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Parol® suspension: Dosage by weight

Take into account when taking a dose the weight of the child, not the age.

The weight dosage of paracetamol is 15 mg / kg of body weight per dose.


For Parol® suspension this amounts to the following: 0.3 ml per kg/body weight


To make the calculation easier:

  • Take the child's weight in kg

  • Divide this weight by 3 

  • This gives the quantity in ml per dose

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Always consider the following instructions:

Never exceed the recommended dose and respect the interval between two intakes.

It is best never to give different medicines to lower the fever, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, together or one after the other.

Additional tips for fighting a fever

  • Make your child drink more or give him an ice pop. Due to fever and sweating, your child loses a lot of water. It is therefore better to make up for this lack.

  • Eating is less important, so you should not insist. If you give food, make sure it is easy to digest.

  • Dress your child lightly in thin clothes that do not stick to their skin. Because the objective is that its temperature drops. A sheet is enough in his bed. If he is shivering with cold, however, then you can cover him temporarily.

  • Do not give your child a cool bath or cover their skin with a cold damp cloth. Doctors do not recommend it. And it makes sense: when the water is too cold, the blood vessels in the skin will close by reflex and the heat will be retained inside the body. The fever may then increase instead of decrease.

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