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Pain treatment - pain relief

You have to deal with the pain

Some attitudes are unreasonable, such as people who prefer to ignore pain because they have been brought up to endure their pain without complaining. Elderly people, for example, can adopt a fatalistic attitude, thinking that aging and suffering are inseparable.

Still others would rather endure dental pain than dental care, or delay seeing a doctor for fear of getting a dreaded diagnosis. These attitudes, understandable but regrettable, only postpone what should be done now, and lead to self-medication.

However, there is not necessarily a link between the intensity or persistence of pain and the severity of the disease that causes it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has divided the main analgesic drugs (= painkillers) into three classes according to their potency. Molecules belonging to level 1 are assigned to most common painful situations, where the pain is mild to moderate.

Parol® (paracetamol) and Pedifen® (ibuprofen) from Dafra Pharma are two different pain relievers that are indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate pain. These 2 products occupy specific places.

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