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How to relieve fever?

Increases in body temperature result from dysregulation of the hypothalamic internal thermostat.

This deregulation is due to the action of pyrogenic substances (substances that increase body temperature such as cytokines).  Cytokines appear in the bloodstream due to the activation of the immune system.

Cytokines induce the production of another substance, prostaglandins, which in turn impact the hypothalamus. This puts the reference temperature at another level and the fever appears.


Products that lower body temperature are almost all products that act on the production of these prostaglandins.


Dafra Pharma has several products in its range that have antipyretic abilities and therefore lower fever.


Additional tips for fighting a fever

  • Have the patient drink more or give them an ice pop. As a result of fever and sweating, the patient loses a lot of water. It is therefore better to make up for this lack.

  • Eating is less important , so you don't have to stress. If you give food, make sure it is easy to digest.

  • Dress the patient lightly in thin clothing that does not cling to the skin. Because the objective is that its temperature drops. A sheet is enough in his bed. If he is shivering with cold, however, then you can cover him temporarily.

  • Do not give the patient a cool bath or cover the patient's skin with a cold damp cloth except in cases of high fever outbreaks. Doctors do not recommend it. And it makes sense: when the water is too cold, the blood vessels in the skin will close by reflex and the heat will be retained inside the body. The fever may then increase instead of decrease.

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